The RCA Selectron -- US Patent 2,558,461 Selectron Electron Optics

Jan A. Rajchman, Radio Corporation of America
Applied: 28 December, 1949
Granted: 26 June, 1951

Electron optics topology showing a labyrinth-type path so that emission from a linear array of 
square cathodes is concentrated and elecrtostatically deflected through the selection bars to the storage eyelets. The '461 patent relates to the electron optics of the 256-bit planar type tube. '461 describes the geometry of electron emission from the faces of square cathodes. The beams are then guided along a 45 degree path and then through the addressing bars before becoming orthogonal. One goal is to use the emission efficiently, not unlike beam forming techniques used in "beam-power pentode" electron tubes. Another goal is to minimize the "line-of-sight" between cathode and storage element. This is necessary because the heavy ions and particles of cathode coatings will travel to the storage elements and destroy their secondary-electron emissive properties.

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US Patent 2,558,461 images (OCR'd) 644 kB

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