The RCA Selectron -- List of page changes and updates

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This group seems to have done an excellent job, but as they say on all web pages these days, " responsibility for external links...."

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07 October 2015
/TeamERA/ Added photos, external links

28 February 2010
Globalized all HTML references in planning to move to new hosting; Thanks AT&, I mean at&t -- it was great while it lasted

01 January 2010
/TeamIBM/ Added Nathaniel Rochester oral history excerpt

09 August 2009
/TeamAFCRC/ Added Whirlwind Harrington memo

17 July 2008
/reprint/ Added Astounding Science Fiction
/TeamRCA/ Added to Snyder

31 August 2007
/theory/ Technical Overview plus graphics

12 October 2006
consolidated all files to single home page

01 January 2006
/index/ Updated index.html page

21 May 2005
/2558461/ Added patent

13 April 2005
/ updated SoThink JAVA to js5.1 from 4.4

01 February 2005
/reprints/ added HB-3, fleshed-out descriptions

26 December 2004
/preface/ fleshed-out

08 December 2004
/preface/ added mini-bio, e-mail note
/2558460/ Added patent
added patent filing date to index "tip" data

27 November 2004
/reprints/ added IBM CRT article
/teamibm/ Added people of IBM
repaired index "tip" data

24 August 2004
/reprints/ added 1951 RCA Review, 1952 RAND memo
/2645721/ added patent
repaired all patent pages

05 August 2004
/snyderrl/ added obit
/tech4/ added addressing applet
/links/ added & repaired links
/teamrca/ added images & info
/teamndrc/ added logo and info

09 June 2004
/2645274 added patent 2645274
/thetextpage/ added menu link to /2645274
/indexs/ added menu link to /2645274
/index1/ added menu link to /2645274

06 June 2004
/sel1024 added image
/sel4096 added image

04 June 2004
/teamrca added images and links

20 May 2004
/index added text only link

13 May 2004
/teamrca added image and links

10 May 2004
/team* added name gleaner for search engines

07 May 2004
/teamera added logo
/teamrca added logo
/teamprince added logo
/teamrand added logo
/biblio added Stern, Pugh

05 May 2004
/reprints/ added Early Research at RCA
/teamrca/ added Flory, Morton

01 May 2004
/thetextpage/ updated
/indexs/ added menu link to /changes, removed menu link to electron java applet
/index1/ added menu link to /changes, removed menu link to electron java applet
/tech2/ updated revision info
/tech3/ updated revision info, fixed typo
/changes/ added new page