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The David Sarnoff Library
The Charles Babbage Institute
Hagley Museum and Library
Al Kossow's computer documentation and software archive
The Papers of John Vassos

Museums, Collections and History Sites

Computer History Museum
Ed Thelen's archival material
History of Computing Information, US Army Research Laboratories
Bletchley Park
The Lorenz cipher machine and the Colossus

The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester (UK)
History of Computing at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Chronicle of the RCA and its videodisk project: The science, people, and politics.
Chronology of Computing at Columbia University
Magnetic Disk Heritage Center
Certstaff Technology Guide

The Virtual Museum of Computing (Archived from
Tube Collectors Association
Michael Harrison's device collection
The Vacuum Tube Supercomputer Centre (lingua in bucca)
The Dayton Codebreakers: The WWII United States Naval Computing Machine Laboratory,

Professional Organizations

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
Association for Computing Machinery
Society for Information Display


Sarnoff Corporation
IBM Archives